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Rosemallow Farms

Pop-up booth or shop, Farmers Markets

1106 RAMBLEBROOK ST (View on Map)
Grant-Valkaria, Florida 32950
Brevard County


We host advertised open house plant sale events, which are advertised on our social media. Rosemallow Farms is a registered nursery with the Florida Dept. of Agriculture offering Plumeria, Hibiscus and Florida native plants such as milkweed and many other pollinator supporting plants. We are a member of the Florida Association of Native Nurseries (FANN), Conradina Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) and a registered Florida Plant Nursery (FDACS) Reg. No. 48031021

Please note: Plant inventories change frequently. Please call for availability.

Plant NameSizeOther infoSort Order
Hibiscus coccineus (Scarlet Hibiscus) g Red variety, 4 91
Hibiscus coccineus (Scarlet Hibiscus) g White variety, 4 91
Asclepias perennis (White Milkweed, Swamp Milkweed) g 4", 1g 91
Asclepias incarnata (Swamp Milkweed, Pink Milkweed, Rose Milkweed) g 4", 1g 91
Rudbeckia hirta (Black-eyed Susan) g 4", 1g 91
Asclepias tuberosa (Butterfly Milkweed) g 1g 91
Kosteletzkya pentacarpos (saltmarsh mallow) g 4", 1g 91
Magnolia grandiflora (Southern Magnolia) 5g 5g, 'D.D. Blanchard' 124
Passiflora incarnata (Passionflower, Maypop) g 4", 1g 91
Liatris spicata (Blazing Star) g 4", 1g 91
Coreopsis lanceolata (Lance-leaved Tickseed, Lanceleaf Coreopsis) g 4", 1g 91
Canna flaccida (Yellow Canna) g 4", 1g 91
Myrcianthes fragrans (Simpson Stopper) 3g 3g 109
Taxodium distichum (Bald Cypress) 7g 7g 133
Asclepias variegata (Redring milkweed) g 1g 91
Helianthus debilis (East Coast Dune Sunflower) g 1g 91
Hibiscus moscheutos (Rose Mallow) 3g 3g 109
Heliotropium angiospermum (Scorpiontail) g 1g 91
Hibiscus grandiflorus (Swamp Hibiscus) 3g 3g 109
Echinacea purpurea (Purple Coneflower) g 1g 91
Symphyotrichum elliottii (Elliott's Aster) g 1g 91
Eryngium yuccifolium (Button Snakeroot) g 1g 91
Coreopsis integrifolia (Fringe-leaf Tickseed) g 1g 91
Viburnum obovatum (Walter's Viburnum) 3g 3g 109
Taxodium distichum (Bald Cypress) 3g 3g 109
Magnolia grandiflora (Southern Magnolia) 5g 5g, 'Little Gem' 124
Lobelia cardinalis (Cardinal Flower) g 1g 91
Lonicera sempervirens (Coral Honeysuckle) g 1g with trellis 91
Salvia coccinea (Tropical Red Sage, Red Sage) g 1g 91
Ruellia caroliniensis (Wild Petunia) g 1g 91
Chamaecrista fasciculata (Partridge Pea) g 1g 91
Solidago sempervirens (Goldenrod, Seaside goldenrod) g 1g 91
Muhlenbergia capillaris (Muhlygrass, Hairgrass) 3g 3g 109
Chrysobalanus icaco (Cocoplum) 3g 3g, 'Red-tipped' 109
Zamia integrifolia (Coontie) 3g 3g 109
Callicarpa americana (Beautyberry, American Beautyberry) 3g 3g 109
Psychotria nervosa (Shiny Leaf Wild Coffee, Wild Coffee) 3g 3g 109
Hamelia patens (Firebush) 3g 3g 109