Plant Real Florida
Add native plants to your landscape
and bring home the beauty of real Florida.
Industry Professionals:

Be Part of the Homegrown National Park

Inspired by Doug Tallamy’s science and masterfully orchestrated by Michelle Alfandari, Homegrown National Park is a campaign to restore biodiversity in the USA one person at a time, converting yards to functioning life-filled systems with native plants.

Are you planting native? Be sure to put your property on the Homegrown National Park map! Go to, set up an account and record your native plantings. The “park” is adding acreage every day. This opportunity to promote the use of native plants is available to every individual, family, municipality, business, school, farm, church — wherever there is land that can be planted with native plants, you can restore and promote this simple conservation method. Bring life back to our landscapes, now!

And get your friends and neighbors on the map too!