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Be Part of the Homegrown National Park

Inspired by Doug Tallamy’s science and masterfully orchestrated by Michelle Alfandari, Homegrown National Park is a campaign to restore biodiversity in the USA one person at a time, converting yards to functioning life-filled systems with native plants. Are you planting …

TV broadcast schedule for Flip Your Florida Yard native landscape makeover

TV Landscape Makeover in Bradenton: how to do Florida: Flip Your Yard!

FANN sponsored the transformation of Berni and Brad Volkmann’s front yard in Bradenton, Florida, from sad turf with a few nonfunctional plants to a beautiful blooming and lower maintenance Florida native plant community attracting birds, butterflies and more pollinators. We …


Love Native Plants? Show your love with this yard sign

Native plants bring a lot of joy, life and pride into our landscapes. Share your love with neighbors and passersby by posting this beautiful outdoor sign in your garden. Durable 10 x 8 inch white metal sign printed for use …


Plant Real Florida Yard Sign

Help your neighbors and visitors learn the real value of your Florida native plants. Put this beautiful sign in your yard! Durable 8 x 10 inch white metal sign printed for use outdoors Pre-drilled with convenient holes for hanging or …

This article was originally published in the 2011 Guide for Real Florida Gardeners, sponsored by the Florida Wildflower Foundation. The Foundation is funded in large part by sales of the Florida wildflower license plate, and is the only significant consistent source of funding for native plant education, planting and research.

Real Florida Native Wildflower Gardens

We’re glad to see Florida gardeners become more interested in using Florida native wildflowers in their gardens. These beautiful blooming symbols of Real Florida are becoming more available in our native nurseries, thanks in great part due to the encouragement …

Why we plant native: butterfly nectaring on Blazing Star.

Wildflowers for Your Garden: Blazing Stars

Planting multiple species of Blazing Stars is a good idea too – and may mean that you can enjoy these pretty plants from summer through fall. Blazing Stars may lean and even fall over. If desired, the stems can be …

This planting bed terrified an HOA. Why? Because too many of us are sold on turf as the only acceptable landscape aesthetic. Photo by S.D.

Working, and persevering, with a homeowners association

Our 2012 Guide for Real Florida Gardeners features an article on “Going Native in Your Neighborhood” (pg. 3) and spotlights the Magrath-Perkins family, which ran into an almost insurmountable wall of opposition from their homeowners association (HOA) when they replaced …

Scrubby pine flatwoods in South Brevard County, Florida. Photo by Kevin Dodge.

Adventures in Real Florida Gardening: Looking for Your Landscape

Our 2012 Guide for Real Florida Gardeners features an article on Kevin and Mala Dodge of Melbourne, Florida, and the transformation of their home landscape to a Real Florida yard. Kevin and Mala began their adventure around 2005, after some …


Save our State Tree: Stop the Sabal Palm Massacre!

Over the past 25-30 years, a harmful, unnecessary and wasteful landscape practice has become widespread: trimming Sabal Palms. Sabal Palm fronds do not need to be trimmed unless their fronds are interfering with foot traffic, power lines or building maintenance. …

Sabal palms in full booted glory, with vines running up them, frame the entry at The Studio on Anna Maria Island. Landscape design by Michael Miller of Perfect Environs.

Sustaining the Sabal Palm, Florida’s State Tree

by Richard Moyroud, Mesozoic Landscapes and FANN founding member The Sabal Palm is one of our most common and least appreciated native palms. Sabal palmetto, our state tree, is a medium-sized fan palm found throughout Florida (except for the interior …