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Wilcox Nursery and Landscape

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12501 Indian Rocks Rd (View on Map)
Largo, Florida 33774-3037
Pinellas County


Pinellas County's oldest, continuously operating retail nursery and the county's largest variety of Florida native plants. Organic gardening supplies, wildflowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees. Also, local consulting and landscape design.

Please note: Plant inventories change frequently. Please call for availability.

Plant NameSizeOther infoSort Order
Celtis laevigata (Sugarberry) _ 300
Senna mexicana var. chapmanii (Bahama Cassia, Chapman's Senna) _ 300
Erythrina herbacea (Cherokee bean, Coral bean) _ 300
Forestiera segregata (Florida Privet) _ 300
Myrcianthes fragrans (Simpson Stopper) _ 300
Psychotria ligustrifolia (Bahama Coffee) _ 300
Callicarpa americana (Beautyberry, American Beautyberry) _ 300
Citharexylum spinosum (Fiddlewood) _ 300
Dodonaea viscosa (Varnish Leaf) _ 300
Viburnum obovatum (Walter's Viburnum) _ 300
Chiococca alba (Snowberry) _ 300
Psychotria nervosa (Shiny Leaf Wild Coffee, Wild Coffee) _ 300
Psychotria tenuifolia (Soft Leaf Wild Coffee, Wild Coffee, Velvet leaved Wild Coffee) _ 300
Serenoa repens (Saw Palmetto) _ silver also 300
Rhapidophyllum hystrix (Needle Palm, Native Lady Palm) _ 300
Sabal palmetto (Cabbage Palm, Sabal Palm) _ 300
Eryngium yuccifolium (Button Snakeroot) _ 300
Melanthera nivea (Cat's Tongue, Snow Squarestem, Salt and Pepper Bush) _ 300
Euploca polyphylla (Pineland Heliotrope) _ 300
Eustoma exaltatum (Seaside Gentian) _ 300