Plant Real Florida
Add native plants to your landscape
and bring home the beauty of real Florida.
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Plant Real Florida Yard Sign

Help your neighbors and visitors learn the real value of your Florida native plants. Put this beautiful sign in your yard! Durable 8 x 10 inch white metal sign printed for use outdoors Pre-drilled with convenient holes for hanging or …

Adult Gulf Fritillary butterfly nectars on the common-but-important Spanish Needles (Bidens alba). Photo by Sharon LaPlante.

Butterfly Gardening with Florida Native Plants

  Beautiful colors, enchanting flight patterns, symbols of life and transformation — butterflies add magic to your landscape and fascinate visitors young and old. A butterfly garden will nourish not only the butterflies but also you, by providing a place …

Long-tailed Skipper on Spanish Needles (Bidens alba)

What is a Florida native plant? And why do we care?

“For most purposes, the phrase “Florida native plant” refers to those species occurring within the state boundaries prior to European contact, according to the best available scientific and historical documentation. More specifically, it includes those species understood as indigenous, occurring …

Monarch caterpillar on swamp milkweed

Save our Monarchs: Plant Native Milkweed

The monarch butterfly is one of our most easily recognized butterflies and well known for its long migration across North America. Unfortunately, the loss of natural habitat, in particular native milkweeds, has resulted in dwindling monarch populations vulnerable to other …

Coreopsis field

Why Local Matters: Ecotypes & Provenance

A fundamental selling point for native plants is that they are naturally adapted to the place they occur – the soils,  climate, natural water regime (not sprinkler systems), and surrounding plants, animals, insects and other organisms. This natural adaptation makes …

palamedes swallowtail caterpillar on red bay leaf

Bringing Nature Home: Why Native Plants Matter

The science is in. If you want birds, butterflies and other wildlife, you need native plants. What does the extinction crisis have to do with our yards? As it happens, a lot. And to a great extent, we have Dr. …