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Industry Professionals:
Sabal palms in full booted glory, with vines running up them, frame the entry at The Studio on Anna Maria Island. Landscape design by Michael Miller of Perfect Environs.

Sustaining the Sabal Palm, Florida’s State Tree

by Richard Moyroud, Mesozoic Landscapes and FANN founding member The Sabal Palm is one of our most common and least appreciated native palms. Sabal palmetto, our state tree, is a medium-sized fan palm found throughout Florida (except for the interior …

Longleaf pine woodland

About Native Plant Communities

Why Native Plant Communities are Important Models for Landscape Design – by Michael Jameson, native plant grower and founding member of FANN When children are nurtured and raised into adulthood, the ideal is that these people will then be able …

Coreopsis field

Why Local Matters: Ecotypes & Provenance

A fundamental selling point for native plants is that they are naturally adapted to the place they occur – the soils,  climate, natural water regime (not sprinkler systems), and surrounding plants, animals, insects and other organisms. This natural adaptation makes …