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Six Oaks Wellness Apothecary

607 1st Ave SW (View on Map)
Largo, Florida 33770
Pinellas County


A retail nursery and a wellness apothecary, Six Oaks offers medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, orchids, aloes, and many natives.

Please note: Plant inventories change frequently. Please call for availability.

Plant NameSizeOther infoSort Order
Bacopa monnieri (Water hyssop, Bacopa) 2 inch+ Ayurvedic 40
Bidens spp. (Beggar-ticks) 2 inch+ 40
Callicarpa americana (Beautyberry, American Beautyberry) 3 inch+ Beautyberry 52
Monarda punctata (Dotted Horsemint, Spotted Beebalm) 3 inch Bee Balm 46
Aristolochia spp. (Dutchman's Pipes) 3 1/2 inch Calico Vine 49
Equisetum spp. (horsetail) 5 inch 64
Passiflora spp. (passionflowers) 3 inch 46
Scutellaria spp. (skullcaps) 2 1/2 inch 43
Viola spp. (Violets) 2 inch+ 40
Allium canadense var. canadense (Wild onion) 2 inch+ 40