Real Plants Florida
Add native plants to your landscape
and bring home the beauty of real Florida.
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Alexander Landscaping

830 S Flamingo Rd (View on Map)
Davie, Florida 33325-4402
Broward County


Creative sustainable landscapes designed and installed for the past 30 years in Broward county. Five acres of plant material ready for your environmental experience. Hours: 8-4pm, Mon, thru Sat.

Please note: Plant inventories change frequently. Please call for availability.

Plant NameSizeOther infoSort Order
Callicarpa americana (Beautyberry, American Beautyberry) 3g 109
Quadrella jamaicensis (Jamaica Caper) 3g+ 115
Coreopsis leavenworthii (Tickseed, Coreopsis) g 91
Ernodea littoralis (Golden Creeper, Beach Creeper, Golden Beach Creeper) g 91
Eugenia foetida (Spanish Stopper) 3g+ 115
Eugenia rhombea (Red Stopper) 3g+ 115
Gaillardia pulchella (Blanket Flower, Indian Blanket, Firewheel Daisy) g 91
Guaiacum sanctum (Native Lignum Vitae) 3g 109
Helianthus debilis spp. (Dune Sunflower, Beach sunflower) g 91
Krugiodendron ferreum (Black Ironwood) 3g 109
Myrcianthes fragrans (Simpson Stopper) 3g 109
Passiflora suberosa (Corky Stem Passionflower) 3g 109
Pinus elliottii var. densa (South Florida Slash Pine) 3g+ 115
Psychotria ligustrifolia (Bahama Coffee) 3g 109
Psychotria nervosa (Shiny Leaf Wild Coffee, Wild Coffee) 3g 109
Ruellia caroliniensis (Wild Petunia) g 91
Salvia coccinea (Tropical Red Sage, Red Sage) g 91
Sisyrinchium spp. (Blue-eyed Grass) g 91
Thrinax radiata (Florida Thatch Palm) g+ 97
Bourreria succulenta (Bahama strongback, Bahama strongbark [misapplied]) 3g 109
Eugenia confusa (Redberry Stopper, Red Stopper) 3g+ 115
Flaveria linearis (Yellowtop) g 91
Glandularia maritima (Beach Verbena) g 91
Sambucus nigra subsp. canadensis (Elderberry, Elder) 3g 109
Calyptranthes pallens (Spicewood) 3g 109
Pityopsis graminifolia (Golden Aster, Silkgrass) g 91
Rudbeckia spp. (Black-eyed Susan) g 91
Monarda punctata (Dotted Horsemint, Spotted Beebalm) g 91
Liatris gracilis (Blazing star) g 91
Hamelia patens (Firebush) 3g 109